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Feifei Zhu – Curriculum Vitae

Institute of Applied Ecology

Chinese Academy of Sciences

No. 72, Wenhua road

Shenhe district, Shenyang

Liaoning province, 110016, China

Tel:(86) 24-83970571


1.    B.S., 2003-2007, College of Resources and Environment, Chinese Agricultural University;

2.    Ph.D., 2007-2013, South China Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Major: Ecosystem Ecology;

·      Thesis title (Ph.D.): "Impacts of nitrogen deposition on fine root growth in tropical forests in southern China" .

Professional experience

1.    Joint Ph.D. student, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology/CAS doctoral promotion program (2011-2012)

2.    Assistant Scientist, Institute of Applied Ecology, CAS (2014-)


01/07/2012, Rewarded "Extinguish students" by the graduate school, CAS.


1.    2016-2021,Impacts of nitrogen deposition and warming on plant N strategy and N cycling in forests of northeastern China. Funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China. RMB 2,170,000. PI.

2.    2015-2017: Nitrogen uptake preference of typical tree species in northeastern China and its response to nitrogen deposition. Funded by the National Science Foundation of China (NSFC). RMB 230,000. PI.

3.    2016-2020: Impacts of warming and nitrogen deposition on plant nitrogen uptake, soil N cycle and greenhouse gases emission of forests of northeastern China, Funded by the Bureau of Frontier sciences and education Chinese Academy of Sciences, RMB 1,250,000. Participation.


1. Yunting Fang, Keisuke Koba, …Feifei Zhu, et al. 2015. Microbial denitrification dominates nitrate losses from forest ecosystems. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 112: 1470-1474.

2. Feifei Zhu, Xiankai Lu, Lei Liu, Jiangming Mo*. 2015. Phosphate addition enhanced soil inorganic nutrients to a large extent in three tropical forests. Scientific Reports 5:7923. (IF= 5.228)

3. Feifei Zhu, Xiankai Lu, Jiangming Mo. Phosphorus limitation on photosynthesis of two dominant understory species in a lowland tropical forest. Journal of Plant Ecology 7(6): 526-534. (IF= 1.769)

4. Feifei Zhu, Muneoki Yoh, Frank S Gilliam, Xiankai Lu, Jiangming Mo. Nutrient limitation in three lowland tropical forests in southern China receiving high nitrogen deposition: insights from fine root responses to nutrient additions. PLoS ONE 8(12):e82661. (IF= 3.057)

5.  Xiankai Lu, Jiangming Mo*, Frank S. Gilliam, Hua Fang, Feifei Zhu, et al. 2012. Nitrogen Addition shapes soil phosphorus availability in two reforested tropical forests in Southern China. Biotropica 44(3): 302–311.