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Quan Zhi – Curriculum Vitae

Dr,. Zhi Quan

Institute of Applied Ecology

Chinese Academy of Sciences

No. 72, Wenhua road

Shenhe district, Shenyang

Liaoning province, 110016, China

Tel:(86) 24-83970571



  1. B.S., 2004-2008, College of Resources and Environment, Northwest Agriculture & Forest University, Major: Agriculture Resources & Environment;
  2. M.S., 2008-2011, Institute of Subtropical Agriculture, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Major: Ecology;
  3. Joint Ph.D student, 2012-2013, Max Planck/CAS doctoral promotion program, Mainz, Germany, Major: Biogeochemistry;
  4. Ph.D., 2011-2015, Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Major: Ecology;
  • Thesis title (M.S.): "Environmental and healthy status of vegetable soils in the suburbs of Changsha city"
  • Thesis title (Ph.D.): "Effect of organic fertilizer on transport and leaching loss of soluble organic nitrogen in greenhouse cultivation systems in China"

Professional experience

  1. Assistant Scientist, Institute of Applied Ecology, CAS (2015-)


01/07/2011, Rewarded " Three-good students " by The graduate school, CAS.

01/07/2012, Rewarded " Three-good students " by The graduate school, CAS.



  1. 2018-2020, Nitrous oxide and dinitrogen emissions from maize-cultivated black soils in Northeast China and their responses to straw incorporation and nitrification inhibitor, RMB 250,000 (or $35,000). PI.
  2. 2014-2019, Soil microbes drive nitrogen biogeochemical cycling in cropland soil in Northeast China. Funded by Strategic Priority Research Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences. RMB 3,000,000 (or $435,000). Participation.
  3. 2015-2018: Phosphorus accumulation, distribution and transformation process in larch plantation ecosystem of different forest age. Funded by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). RMB 1,150,000 (or $167,000). Participation.
  4. 2011-2013: Effect of organic manure on transport and leaching loss of soluble organic nitrogen in the greenhouse soil. Funded by the National Science Foundation of China (NSFC). RMB 220,000 (or $32,000). Participation.
  5. 2009-2011: The influence factors of nitrogen and phosphorus migration and its environmental risk in subtropical agricultural soil. Funded by the National Science Foundation of China (NSFC). RMB 850,000 (or $123,000). Participation.
  6. 2008-2011: Technology integration and application of high-efficient and environment-friendly agriculture at the suburban region of cities in Central China. Funded by Ministry of Science and Technology of China. RMB 1,000,000 (or $145,000). Participation.



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