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Trace Gas Pre-Concentrator coupled to IRMS (IsoPrime 100)

Name: Trace Gas Pre-Concentrator coupled to IRMS (IsoPrime 100)

Analyte: N2O

Sample types: NO3-, NH4+, Total Dissolved Nitrogen (TDN)

Data: δ15N-NO3- ,δ18O-NO3-,δ15N-NH4+,δ15N-TDN

Element Analyzer coupled to IRMS

 Name: EA (vario MICRO cube, Elementar) coupled to IRMS (IsoPrime 100)

Sample types: Soils, plant tissue

 Data: δ15N,δ13C,N%, C%

Gas Chromatograph—Mass Spectrometer

Name: GC—MS (QP2020, Shimadzu)

Sample types: Gas samples of natural or enriched stable isotope abundance

Data: H2, N2, O2, 15NO, N2O, 13CO2 and CH4

Gas Chromatograph

Name: Gas Chromatograph (Shimadzu, GC-2014)

Sample types: Gas samples

Data: Concentrations of CO2, N2O, CH4

Ion Chromatograph (Thermo)

Name: Ion Chromatograph (Thermo, ICS 600)

Sample types: Natural liquid samples (rainwater, streamwater etc.)

Data: Ion, cation concentrations (F-, Cl-, Br-, NO3-, NO2-, SO42-,PO43- ; or Li+, Na+, K+, Ca2+, Mg2+, NH4+)